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10th April 2010, 01:27
Whilst visiting family the other day we popped into a discount store that sells items obtained from bankrupt stock and warehouse clearances.

One section in the store had a load of books, marked as all being 1/4 of the RRP, so I had a quick look. Most were just novels and stuff, but I spotted a reference section and a few computer books. And suddenly I spotted the word "Amiga" on one. I didn't believe it at first, but on pulling it from the shelf it definitely was an Amiga book. :)

Amiga Gamer's Guide - Volume 1 - Edited by Dan Slingsby (editor of Cu Amiga Magazine), and published by Bruce Smith Books.

It is in pretty good condition. The edges of the book have a few scuffs and corners look a little thumbed on the cover. But other than that the actual pages all look like new, so I imagine the slight cover damage is just through people looking at it in whatever book shop it was originally in.

I've updated the info about the book in the CA Wiki reference book page, and also used the "Bruce Smith Books" section at the back of this book, which lists some of the other books they published for the Amiga, to update and add some more entries to the Wiki page.

The book itself contains detailed hints, tips and cheats for over 300 Amiga games, plus more detailed sections for 26 of the most popular games. These sections focus on each game and give detailed walkthroughs and guides to each. Should prove great for the CA Games section, and also to scan in and turn into a PDF.


10th April 2010, 08:20
Yes, I have it also this book. I was wondering if a 2nd volume ever existed though (never seen it).

But it's a really nice book with walkthroughs, hints & tips. :thumbs: