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7th April 2010, 20:30
O.k. I know we're not supposed to talk politics on here but I just wanted to tell you all about something that happened to me today. To all of you who don't live in the U.K. the politicians have decided to call a general election so it's ass kissing time. Well today I had a phone call from the Labour party asking if I'll vote for them, if I've ever voted for them, what my concerns are on a local and national level etc.. Now ordinarily I have no problem with this as it gives me a small opportunity to get heard. However, as we're all aware there is still a global recession going on and jobs are being lost to over seas markets no matter where you live and the Labour Party are supposed to be the party of the worker, it really annoys me that they were using an Indian call centre. To go asking for my vote when they can't even be bothered to employ people from their own country is just a joke. I would be annoyed about this no matter what the party and if the country was in a better financial position but now when so many people in our own country are out of work and they're telling us how they're going to fix our economy!!! If I was going to vote for Labour then I'm not now. And if the other two main parties do the same thing then I'll have to find someone else to vote for.

8th April 2010, 10:50
Don't worry about talking politics. We have a general election coming up, so it's OK.

It is disgusting using an Indian call centre for that. People local to your area should be employed to ring local residents to canvas your vote. Or even better, the personal touch, with a house call.

I made my mind up as soon as Brown became PM that I would not vote Labour this time. I just can't stand the man. I want to give the Conservatives another chance to see what they can do.

Labour keep trying to say they can and know how to bring the country out of recession, but I'm not convinced. How is increasing National Insurance going to help anyone who does have a job? All it will do is make then struggle even more.

I watched PM's question time yesterday and it was a joke. They were running rings around Brown and he was left stuttering with no real answers to anything asked, and just kept repeating his little spin doctor quotes to try and get out of the sticky situations. He has to go.

The Conservatives say they will cut spending to recover 6 billion if they get into power, and labour are saying this will just mean more job cuts, but I don't think that is their plan.

Labour keep going on about more people now being in work that when the last Conservatives were in power. This is a lie if you look at the real figures. All they have done is shift people into different lists and allowances, so it looks like there are less.

The biggest way to stop job losses and to create more jobs is to stop big business closing factories and plants in the UK and moving them to eastern European countries or those just beyond. Surely the government could be able to step in and tell them no. And if they refuse then to set up a trade embargo so that company can then not trade with Europe. Something has to be done to stop it. And going back to Call Centres. I boycott any Indian Trade centres who ring me. Instantly asking if they are calling from one and telling them not to call again. They, as you say, are taking jobs away from people in our country and I'm not accepting it. If the government could help stop this and get the call centres back in the UK it would create a huge number of jobs.

Something has to be done about farming work outside of the country. If we continue to allow it we will end up importing everything and not exporting anything. The country could not survive if all trade is only going one way.

Finally clothing and other goods. Everything now comes from China. We done make anything here any more. It might cost slightly more to buy items if we did, and that is the problem. Everyone is just looking for the cheapest deals and not caring where it comes from. It is driving me mad.

Oh, and there is the green issue crap. Any issues from any party about this is a waste of time, so I just don't listen to that as all the parties are being advices by people who are focusing too much on things that are too small to really effect any form of change.

8th April 2010, 14:10
Unfortunately the only European governments that have an open policy of job protectionism is France and Germany. The British government do not have that power any more due to the Thatcherite governments from 79-97 and such a policy would go against the Conservative party ideals of free market economy. And a European embargo would be almost impossible as most of the old eastern block countries where the jobs are going to are now in the EU anyway.

I don't think any of the parties have an answer about what to do. The problem we in Britain have at the moment is the same economic policies that gave Britain the good times from about 1994 to 2006 are the same policies that have landed us in the shit now but as we were only following Americas policies it's not all the various chancellors fault. However the reaction to the banking crisis is purely Labours fault but then the Tories have no answer of how to get out of it.

I know which parties I will not vote for under any circumstances (BNP, UKIP, Green). And Labour are out for outsourcing jobs to India which smacks of hypocrisy. Which is the latest in a long line of cock-ups for me. For me Tories are out as it's difficult to forget the Thatcher years, they want to tear the BBC apart, in the expenses scandal they proved they haven't changed, the entire shadow cabinet is oilier than the great barrier reef and I find that David Cameron's wife being pregnant at election time just a bit too convenient.

That leaves me settling for the Lib Dems, a party who nobody can recall any of their policies other than proportional representation (which I oppose) and a cabinet that nobody knows except for Ming Campbell purely because his name is Ming and you can't help but think of Ming the Merciless.

So all in all I'm stuck as to what's left. It may end up being who I would least like to watch being wiped out by a terrorist attack.

8th April 2010, 17:24
I wish that there was an option to vote for none of the candidates; so that I wouldn't be wasting my vote because I didn't like any of the parties and so didn't bother to show up at the polling station.

I don't really trust any of them to have the answers as politics is such a short-term game and what is really needed is some long-term digging in. It also seems like things are going to get worse before they can get better, whoever is in power. I tend to believe the paper talk of a hung parliament anyway.

But, hey, **** it - I'm off somewhere else right? I'm sure we'll find out though that politics is bent wherever in the world we are - the only difference being the degree.

8th April 2010, 18:10
But, hey, **** it - I'm off somewhere else right? I'm sure we'll find out though that politics is bent wherever in the world we are - the only difference being the degree.

You had to mention it didn't you!!!!! Rubbing our noses in it you bastard. I hate you and yet I want to be you. AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!![Storms off in a huff];)