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Demon Cleaner
21st February 2007, 11:27
Finally a new Simon is released on february 23rd this month (in 2 days). It's released in german first, don't know when it will be translated.

I've seen it at Giga Games last week, and it looked awesome. I liked the 2 first games, and I even preferred it to MI. The 3rd installment was a misstep though.

21st February 2007, 11:55
This is some good news. I just looked at some screenshots for the new game and it is looking very nice indeed. It is also great to see they have returned to the point and click style of the original two games, although now in 3D, and disgarded the horrible ideas of the third "Simon the Sorcerer 3D" game.

I noticed a different developer is involved this time. Lets hope they manage to retain the charm and wit of the original two games.

The thing that really made the original special for me was the voice acting on the CD32 version by Chris Barrie (Red Dward). Sadly he didn't voice the second game, but quite a good replacement voice actor was used, although it wasn't quite the same. Lets hope they have some good voice acting on this new game.

Demon Cleaner
21st February 2007, 13:55
I played the first 2 in german, and for the new one, they managed to get all the same voice actors, that is great, you can immediately recognize the characters, as a lot of the old characters will make an appearance. I said that I prefer english voice output over the german or french, but the german versions had great actor voices. Another fact is that the Simon characters all have a story of their own, and you return several times to them to settle things. Often in other adventures, most characters have only a short appearance and have no deep integration into the game.

21st February 2007, 14:01
That is great that they have managed to retain the same voice actors. I'm really looking forward to this.