View Full Version : old amigan rekindeling intrest

26th February 2010, 14:09
Hi all

after about 10 yrs of not haveing an amiga but keeping an eye onthe scene i feel it time to do a DIY 4kT project , and keep up with the latest , i have also joined another group to keep my hand in .


26th February 2010, 17:16
Hi and welcome.

I would love to see some pictures of your A4000T project once you have it up and running. I've always wanted a 4000T.

Demon Cleaner
26th February 2010, 19:24
A project like that is always nice, would like to see it too. And btw, welcome to CA :thumbs:

26th February 2010, 23:33
Welcome and yes like mentioned above, hardware projects are great to follow.