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17th February 2010, 16:56
I have bought a used A500 months ago on Ebay.
It was in very bad condition.
There was a little bit of everything inside: dirty, dust, rust.
I said to myself:"I've got no hope left except prayer" :)

I have dismantled it and put all the pieces on a table.
First, i have cleaned and paint (Black spray paint) the plastic layer underneath the keys.
Then, i have removed the rust from the motherboard's protective cover (I don't know if this is the correct translation sorry) and painted it with chrome spray paint.

The keyboard wasn't in good condition too...there was a 'yellow' line from 'A' key to arrow keys.
So, i decided to try the "Retr0brite project".
After some failed attempts with peroxide, i finally had a great result.

The three RCA sockets were a bit damaged (Red plastic rings).I have done some research and (Finally) i have found them.

I have ordered 3 (New) RCA Sockets through an italian website and then a friend of mine has removed the older and soldered the new ones (Black rings).

The last thing i have done has been the shell painting.I found a dirty white paint, a bit different from the original colour, but i like it so much.

At last i have rebuilt everything.
I have spent the last two months working hard, but it's a pleasure to have a New Old Stock Amiga 500 between my hands

I have put some pictures into my Profile-Album.

Ps. I apologize for my poor english

17th February 2010, 17:31
Congrats on a cool project!

And just for the record... Your English is excellent.. Had you not apologized i would have never noticed that English isn't your primary language! :thumbs:

18th February 2010, 12:11
Thank you for your kind words :notworthy:

18th February 2010, 14:46
Your A500 restoration looks Amazing Marco. You should be very proud of yourself.

To be honest I didn't think the A500 was in that bad a condition before you started, as I've seen some in much worst condition than that. I will post a picture of one of my A500's to show you what I mean when I get time to take a photo of it.

However, the end results of your restoration definitely show a huge different to how it originally was and it definitely looks like new. Great work. :thumbs: