View Full Version : Top 100 boxart image

11th February 2010, 22:01
As part of the Top 100 Amiga games of all time survey I created a background image for the survey consisting of 224 boxart scan front images from the games included in the survey list.

If any of you would like the original image I created I've attached it below. This version is 1280x1024.

Once the survey is complete I will be creating a similar image containing every game in the final Top 100 for use in the final site that will be dedicated to the run down of the Top 100.

12th February 2010, 13:37
Very nice, but I'd love to see the following box art included:

Lotus Turbo 2 (you've got 1 & 3 on there, but no 2)
Pinball Dreams
Head Over Heels

12th February 2010, 14:06
I didn't have the boxart for those games available instantly when I created the image, or they definitely would have been included. I will need to dig the missing ones from the CA site to add them in. But once the survey is finished I will be creating a new version containing the actual Top 100, so stay tuned.