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20th February 2007, 14:32
Another World - 15th Anniversary edition

In case you all missed this great release, it was the 15th anniversary of the great Another World last year, and in December a special anniversary edition of the game was released on the PC. This includes completely updated and enhanced graphics that will run on any current PC in much higher resolution than the original game.

The 15th Anniversary edition also includes a lot of nice extras that all fans of the game will enjoy. These include full PDFs of the manuals, the design of the game and even a PDF showing the coding notebooks they used during development. There is also a great video of the making of the game including interviews with all the key developers who run through how the game was created, showing you the Amiga applications used, as well as actually showing you them digging out their old Amiga's and booting the original master disks of the final game. Pretty cool.

If you were a big fan of Another World this is worth getting for sure.

20th February 2007, 14:34
The official Another World site can be found at http://www.anotherworld.fr and even contains a demo of the new enhanced version of the game, downloadable from http://www.anotherworld.fr/download/AnotherWorld_Demo.exe

27th April 2007, 18:10
Hello all,

I picked up the boxed version of Another World 15th Anniversary Edition at one of the local game stores today.

The restyled graphics make the game look as good as it was fifteen years ago but you can see the old graphics creeping in here and there such as the computer within the game.
The only thing I miss is a quick save, this is one of those games you can die so easily in.

I haven't actually tried the other features yet but you will hear from me later on them.

Does anyone think that Eric Chahi might consider making his own kind of sequel to this?

4th May 2007, 14:33
Does anyone think that Eric Chahi might consider making his own kind of sequel to this?

I dont know Eric Chahi but there was a sequal to Another World released on the Sega CD called Heart Of The Alien. The game started imediatly after the first and you played as your alien friend this time.

4th May 2007, 15:26
I've had the ISO for Heart of the Alien for a long time and still haven't tried it yet to see what the sequel is like. I really will some day soon as Another World was a great game that really did push gaming into interactive art.