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5th January 2010, 22:45
Can anyone help with df0: full errors? There must be a way to read and write to pc hard drive. Is it possible to configure winuae to read to pc drives? Im sure the df0 is simulated,, I've been using Imagine ray tracer and I get the drive full error rather quickly as you would imagine... I used to have a 500 with a 20 meg drive and everything was cool.. I've been looking for a winuae tutorial, can anyone suggest one or help with my storage space problem in winuae.? Thanks much

5th January 2010, 23:37
DF0: is the Amiga internal floppy drive. This is simulated in WinUAE because PC floppy drives cannot read or write Amiga disks. However Amiga HDD's are exactly the same as PC IDE HDD's, just formatted different with an Amiga file system.

There are a number of different ways you can add a HDD in WinUAE.

A virtual HD. This is a single large file created on your PC HDD by WinUAE that is used by WinUAE as an Amiga HDD. It can only be read and used in WinUAE.

A PC directory. You can create a standard PC directory on your PC on any HDD you like and then add it into WinUAE for use as an Amiga HDD in the emulator. This is very useful to access files in both Windows and in the emulated Workbench.

And finally, a real Amiga HDD. You can connect a real Amiga HDD to a PC via IDE or even an external USB caddie and add it in WinUAE to be used. Even booted from.

To do any of these HDD options, when you load WinUAE and the Properties window opens, go to the Hard drives section. In here will be an empty list of HDDs.

You can click Add Hardfile to make WinUAE create a virtual file that WinUAE can then use as a virtual HDD. Once created you will have a file on your PC HDD. Add this into WinUAE from this screen and then boot WinUAE with a Workbench ADF and you will see an icon for the HDD with NDOS??? under it. Select it and format it to then use it.

If instead you wanted to use a standard Windows directory, then create one on your PC HDD, then in the WinUAE properties/Hard drives section click "Add Directory" and then navigate to the directory you created and add it. When you then boot WinUAE using a Workbench ADF you will see the directory added as a HDD in Workbench and can access it as if it were a real Amiga HDD in WinUAE, and also as a standard PC directory in Windows.

I hope that helps and made sense.

7th January 2010, 08:40
Thanks Harrison, I took your advice, I was able to figure out how to use the config functions, and was able to create a working folder on c: that shows up as dh0: in the file requester in imagine... right on, Im stoked! Now I have all the room in the world!!


7th January 2010, 15:20
That's great. Glad to help. I hope you have great fun with it. :)