View Full Version : Weight loss adverts

Stephen Coates
30th December 2009, 13:14
Is it just me, or has there been a big increase in the amount of adverts appearing on websites recently, for subjects such as weight loss, teeth whitening etc?

It would be interesting to know if others have noticed this.


30th December 2009, 17:07
Weight lose and debt consolidation adverts increase a lot post Christmas. Not really noticed online though as I have all adverts blocked. ;)

1st January 2010, 22:22
I'm pretty skinny, so things like that don't tend to register too much with me anyway. I guess I'm just not their target demographic :lol:

Stephen Coates
4th January 2010, 06:03
These are the ones I am on about. It seems impossible to get away from them.


4th January 2010, 06:15
Why everyone wants to be more slim ,expecially the women.I am more interested in tooth -whitening :p