View Full Version : ClassicWB packs updated - new OS39 version released

25th December 2009, 09:59

Well here we are again another year, another ClassicWB release:


That means an up-to-date WHDLoad and some nice extras, plus one or two fixes to issues that popped up during the year.

The main changes in these packs are large drive support to bring them on par with OS39, loads of new DOS drivers for flash card users and a nice optimised iGame artwork pack that a user can install while activating.

Speaking of OS3.9, this year once again brings a new member to the family ClassicWB OS39. Its available for public download, a long time coming I know.

Enjoy my friends!


Many DOS Drivers added CFD, Fat95, Fat32, NTFS, EXT2 to name a few.
AmiCDFS2 added to the My Files/Install drawer
Help files tidied up better organised
AWebb default settings optimized
Assign system for games, demos and system drawers simplified
Ability to move Games/Demos and user drawers to other partitions now even easier
Latest WHDLoad v16.9
iGame art pack added, optimized for 640x256 and 640x512 (user selectable option)
iGame beta replacement fixes "Alt" scan bug
Large Hard Drive Support for Workbench 2.1-3.1 :)
kgiconload added to Dopus to launch programs and WHDload games
Overscan prefs removed - all screens default size (640x256, 640x512)
MUI Prefs replacements removed from ADV ADVSP (Time prefs bugged)
ClassicWB LITE now has full MUI install (had hybrid support before)
Youtube vids recorded for using extra partitions and activating Large HD support
Large HD EAB Thread re-wrote to reflect new >4GB support

25th December 2009, 10:25
thank you !

this is better than the stuff i found under the tree :D

25th December 2009, 11:21
This sounds great. I will be downloading this over the festive holiday and trying it out. Tempted to get 3.9 onto my A4000 and update my A1200 with the newer version for 3.1.

Great work mate. :thumbs:

And Happy Christmas to you too.

25th December 2009, 19:45
Thanks guys!

Harrision - if you still have your A600, you can use the LargeHD support for drives above 4GB even under Workbench 2.1 in the GAAE version!