View Full Version : Aminet - Working Again!

16th February 2007, 12:37
During the last weeks, Aminet has experienced some server problems. These problems has now been solved, so everything should be back to normal.

When I visited today, I was happy to see that the download statistics was back again. When you browse through the files, you will see the amount of times a prod has been downloaded. Some files has surprisingly high numbers. It is probably not an important feature, but it is always interesting to see what is popular and not.

16th February 2007, 13:45
That is great news to know that they have fixed their server problems. It would be a very sad day if we were to lose Aminet.

I still have my complete Aminet FTP server backup I made last year, and I may update this so it has all of the newer updates so if it did suddenly vanish we would not lose it completely. Although with the Aminet mirror sites around the world it should be safe.