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Stephen Coates
29th October 2009, 14:39
I was reading some pages on pcpro.co.uk, and came across a blog post from yesterday:


Apparently, a grand total of two people of have visited the site using an Amiga in the last month.

Two of you, and I’d dearly love to know who you are, have viewed this website using a Commodore Amiga.

I’ll confess. I didn’t even know the Amiga had a web browser (my Amiga 1200 hasn’t been out of the loft since I left university). Our newly-crowned technical editor, Darien Graham-Smith, earned his stripes by pointing me in the direction of iBrowse, an Amiga browser with “JavaScript support, tabbed browsing, a customisable GUI layout and support for some Netscape and IE extensions.” Colour me astonished.

But the question I want answered is: why? Why in 2009 are you still browsing our website with an Amiga? Is it pure necessity? An overwhelming affection for beige hardware? Or just because you can?

I demand answers.

I think the author might just be a bit out of touch with some (semi) recent hardware/software. As one comment poster suggests, they could be using A1s, or Sams.

It was certainly interesting about the Windows 95 statistics though.

I can’t reveal the exact number as it’s commercially sensitive, but I can tell you the number of visitors still running Windows 95 is in the tens of thousands.

29th October 2009, 14:52
That article was a very interesting read. Thanks for sharing it Steve. I subscribe to PCPro magazine and read their website regularly, but missed this one.

It does definitely seem the author of that article is out of touch with the Amiga and had no clue about PPC Amiga's or OS4. But then I don't think that many people outside of the current Amiga community do these days.

The Windows 95 stats were interesting. We definitely don't get that percentage visiting CA each month. I will see what the current OS and system stats are for CA and Amibay this month and post them here. Could be an interesting contrast.