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3rd September 2009, 03:02
For a while now we have had a little friend visiting us in the garden every night. He arrives at about 9-10pm looking for his dinner. :)


Do you have any little friends visiting you each day?

Demon Cleaner
3rd September 2009, 05:18
Nice, I only have a black cat coming from time to time to pee in the garden, I will shoot her one day :sly:

Stephen Coates
3rd September 2009, 08:05
It was a long time since I saw a hedgehog.

We have lots of cats round here, they sometimes climb over the fence into our garden, but normally they can be seen on other people's garage roofs or on the road/pavement. There was a cat that came into our house a couple of weeks ago while my mum was cooking dinner. She just found it upstairs. We thought it was next door's cat as it looked similar, but it wasn't.

Other than that, we just tend to get alot of spiders.

Demon Cleaner
3rd September 2009, 09:09
Other than that, we just tend to get alot of spiders.:lol: Same here, and I somehow hate them!!

3rd September 2009, 09:47
We get lots of spiders too. Hopefully the Hedgehog likes spiders! ;)

Although, I don't mind them and hate to see spiders killed. They do some good catching all the horrible flies. It is just annoying having your car covered in spiders webs, or walking though a carefully positioned spiders web as you walk through the front door. I'm sure they must place them on purpose, then sit out of sight waiting for you to get caught so they can have a good laugh.

3rd September 2009, 10:05
We used to have all sorts visiting our garden. Weasels, foxes, hedgehogs etc. But since some houses were built on the prime wildlife real estate we hardly get anything even though we try putting wildlife boxes about.

4th September 2009, 13:13
We used to have a hedgehog that would go through our bin bags and was particularly keen on indian takeaway (he'd always go for the bag that had the curry-trays in and leave the others). Quite a few times we'd see or hear him snuffling about inside or around the bags. A few times he came out covered in rubbish, it was very funny when he had a foil milk bottle lid stuck over a few of his spines :D

At another place we had a lot of foxes, and often would see baby ones. They were very sweet. But the noises foxes make when mating is horrific (sounds like a woman or child being attacked). And we found an adult one dead on our lawn one day which wasn't so nice.