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26th August 2009, 15:32
Some of you might have missed this big event happening so I thought I would post about it now it has reached a conclusion.

Many of you will know the Amiga community site Amiga.org. One of the longest running Amiga forums, but in recent years swamped with rejects and trolls banned from the rest of the community. Or obsessive members who don't seem to actually enjoy the Amiga as a platform, but instead constantly obsessing over it.

Anyway, the owner of Amiga.org, Wayne, has for some time been less interested in the Amiga and its community. He tried to spark more interest by mograting Amiga.org from its aging Xoops setup to one using vBulletin, and an excellent job was made of the migration. However, after that was complete he found himself even less interested in the Amiga and so decided he wanted to leave the Amiga scene and Amiga.org behind.

However having put so many years into Amiga.org he felt he deserved a financial reward for all his work and so put Amiga.org up for sale for $10K. This obviously led to all the other Amiga communities discussing this move and mostly deciding that is was wrong to sell a community site like Amiga.org because without the community it isn't really anything.

But thanks to the obsessed Amiga.org members who live on the site Wayne has obtained his asking price and is now in the process of selling Amiga.org to a group of people who have clubbed together to buy it from him.

You can read the full story in his original topic here (http://www.amiga.org/forums/showthread.php?t=48971).

Was Amiga.org really worth $10k? Only the buyers can really answer that one. To me it was a bit of blackmail from Wayne. He knew there were a lot of obsessed Amiga.org members who's life was the site's forum, so they would have done anything to see it continue. So he was pretty much guaranteed they would find the money somehow to make it happen.

What are your views on this whole saga?

26th August 2009, 17:22
I really don't know what to say ....:unsure:

I think i can understand a part of his message... but there is another part that i can't get it...

$10K ?? Well 15 years with a project like that... it's something. But getting money with that... getting money to pay for servers and maintenance is ok, but $10K ... ... i simple couldn't do it.

26th August 2009, 19:43
I never used amiga.org myself, but this move definitely leaves a foul taste. Apart from a select few individuals the entire amiga community has always been about sharing, giving and helping. Ransoming off the site like that just wasn't right.

Stephen Coates
27th August 2009, 01:47
Seems consistant with the prices of everything else amiga related.