View Full Version : The back2roots.org server is down again!

26th August 2009, 14:57
It's as flaky as always it seems. The back2roots server seems to be down again with a 503 error.

Not quite as bad when it was just their own site being hosted, but with WinUAE, EAGER and others now sharing it, this also means they all go down when it does.

Demon Cleaner
26th August 2009, 15:10
I noticed that WinUAE is down regularly, and not only for several hours.

26th August 2009, 15:35
Yeah, it is annoying.

Whilst back2roots.org being resurrected after so much time offline was a great thing, they still never sorted out the stability of their server. And with the other sites now hosted and sharing that server it ends up effecting a lot of sites in the Amiga community.