View Full Version : The Ultimate Retro remake

4th August 2009, 11:47
O.K. Remaking a retro classic like Knight Lore is one thing but how about a retro remake of Knight Lore on a Retro Computer like the MSX2 which you can build into a cartridge and build a box, print of a manual and a map?
Then go here. (http://www.retroworks.es/knightlorerk_en.html) (Also works on emulators.)

4th August 2009, 12:39
Now that is cool. The updated graphics look really nicely done and show just how good the MSX2 was at the time compared to many other platforms.

And with MSX2 emulators we can enjoy the game too. :)

I always thought it was a little strange that the MSX and MSX2 were never marketed much in the west. It was a very good system at the time, and some don't know that Microsoft led its development, including being behind the OS.