View Full Version : Who sent me a load of Floppy disks with OctaMED music on them?

1st August 2009, 00:18
Going through a load of stuff this past week I discovered a package containing 26 floppy disks.

The disks are labelled Med1 through to Med26 and contain OctaMED music files.

A long time ago someone contacted me asking if I could extract their music files from these discs, copy them onto a CD and post it back to them. I did the copying and had the files all on a CD ready to go. However the package didn't come with any contact details or return address, so I stored the disks away in case the owner ever came forward and gave me their details so I could post the CD to them.

That was quite some time ago. A few years. No one ever contacted me again to ask about their disks and I still have them sitting here waiting to be claimed.

So if these disks are yours and the OctaMED music is your work then please get in touch so I can get them back to you.