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21st July 2009, 00:58
Has anyone used this free application?

Celestia is a Planetarium like software on a universe sized scale. You can explore planets, solar systems and whole constilations and nebela seemlessly.


The official download links for the latest version 1.6 appear to be down from sourceforge.net at the moment, but luckily some others are hosting temporary mirror download sites to file the gap.


21st July 2009, 06:01
Cool, gonna check it out..........

21st July 2009, 09:20
Has anyone used this free application?Yup, with Stellarium and Google Earth those are my 3 favorite astronomy proggies. :thumbs:

21st July 2009, 12:01
Have you managed to get Celestia to work with Vista? I'm running it using XP Pro at the moment because it refuses to run on Vista. It just throws up the following strange error.

"The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect. Please see the Application event log for more detail."

Any ideas?

21st July 2009, 12:14
Of course, been using it on Vista x64 before and now on W7 x64 without any problems.
Well it did have some problems with graphic glitches but that was fixed in some update by nvidia.

Maybe you should run it as admin? (I've got all the UAC turned off completely)

21st July 2009, 13:21
The first thing I always turn off in Vista is UAC. I hate it. So that isn't an issue.

I've tried running it as admin, but that doesn't change the error. I also tried running it in compatibility mode as XP SP2 and Win2000 and those didn't do anything either.

I'm wondering if it doesn't like my ATI Radeon 4870 graphics card?

21st July 2009, 13:26
Well, having in mind that it had problems with the nvidia drivers in the past, this might also a problem with lousy ATI driver programming, so maybe report the bug on ATI forums?

21st July 2009, 13:51
Good idea. I will do that. I'm surprised no one on the official forums for the software have posted any similar problems though.

I'm also wondering if the side-by-side error can be fixed by editing the config file, but I'm not sure where to start with that.

21st July 2009, 13:54
I used to love this when I had a PC, it was fantastic. When I switched I didn't think it was available for OS X but I see now that it is. (I have a similar but far inferior free program called Starry Night Backyard.)

I'll have to download Celestia and see if I can get it running on my ancient and hopelessly obsolete Mac.

11th October 2009, 22:24
As Shoonay mentioned, if you are just after something to allow you to identify all those wondrous stars and planets on a clear night, Stellarium is what you're after.

Very lightweight and simple to use, you can literally load it up and be identifying the night sky like a pro in seconds:


Jupiter is very bright in the south at the moment. I can see it out of my window. :D

Celestia is good, but more than I require most of the time. :)