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5th June 2009, 21:14
Here are a few scans from ACE, which was a computer mag aimed at the ST, Amiga, C64, Spectrum, PC, Amstrad, Nintendo and Sega (basically, all the popular gaming machines of the time).

I'll scan some more when I have time. These are only 72dpi and have been scaled down a bit. I have the 150dpi originals, but they're around 1MB each.

Here is a Silica ad for the ST from June 1988, which used to appear almost every month; a Silica ad for the Amiga, which didn't appear until June 1989; and a snippet on the PC Engine from the June 1988 issue.

6th June 2009, 10:38
It's always great to see adverts for old systems. Brings back loads of memories.

Before I purchased an Atari ST in 1987 I used to look at the Silica adverts each month wishing I had one of the systems. But in the end I purchased my ST through a completely different company called LAN Computers in London. Was a lot cheaper, but didn't come with any additional bundled software. Just a pack of 10 blank floppy disks.

6th June 2009, 12:16
I've posted the larger 150dpi scans on google. I think the modal window on the forum scales the images to the browser window so the text was too small to read. It looks like you have to use the magnifying glass to see the detail in Google.

I've also added a few more from the July 1988 issue. Lots more to come from that one, it's filled with goodies!


7th June 2009, 12:18
The forum scales down the images if they are posted in the actual post. And when clicking an attached image it does scale it in the popup box, but you can then click that to load the full sized image into a separate browser window.