View Full Version : The difficulty level of PC games compared to consoles?

9th February 2007, 15:42
Have you noticed that PC games tend to be of a harder difficulty level compared to console games?

I've noticed this quite a lot, especially within the last few years. And as I do tend to play quite a few PC games as well as console games I find console released on the whole to be quite easy. Is this just me, or have others also found this to be the case?

There are exceptions, such as many of the PS2 RPGs. These releases are some of the best RPGs released to date and their difficulty levels are normally quite demanding if you play through them completely.

And arcade style games that are better suited to console controllers than PC never see PC releases much and their difficulty can be quite tough.

Demon Cleaner
9th February 2007, 19:22
I don't play any PC games, so I cannot really comment on this. But like you said, some of the console RPGs are very tough, and almost too challenging. The leveling up becomes more and more important.