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3rd June 2009, 15:27
Something strange has been happening in Portsmouth.

It seems that a lot of Amiga software has been making its way into various charity shops around Portsmouth, some of it just a couple of disks and manual, but others have been complete boxed software.

So far the best find I have had was a complete boxed (and in very good condition) Deluxe Paint IV for the princely sum of 99pence.

Another find I had was for 1 and that was a box containing a video and two books covering Workbench 3. This box should also have included a disk of software but unfortunately that was missing. (I cannot at the moment remember what the pack was called and I do not have it to hand, but I will add that information to this asap.)

Gonna keep my eyes open for other cheap bargains (Moonstone, anyone?) and pick up the ones that appeal to me the most.

Just goes to show what gems can be found at the back of charity shops.

(Please note: the thread title should have read Rummage!!!)

3rd June 2009, 15:46
Threat title fixed for you!

Portsmouth you say... right, I will be down rummaging at the weekend then, snapping up those copies of Moonstone before v8.. I mean anyone else finds them! ;) :lol:

I do actually look in most charity shops quickly if I pass one just in case there is something good. They never realise how much most things are really worth and still silly price tags on most stuff. I did see a SNES the other week in one, but it didn't look in great condition so I didn't bother. Sometimes see the original version of the PSX too, but again normally not in great condition, plus I already own a couple so I'm not that bothered.

In Brighten though there is this huge second hand/antique shop with each little section of the shop given to different second hand sellers and you can find a lot of retro computer and console hardware and software in there. Unfortunately they tend to know its real value, or stick high prices on most of it. But you sometimes spot a bargain. They had some Gamecubes in there in good condition with a 2 price tag last time I looked, but I didn't really need another GC. Should have bought one really as a spare at that price though.

Anyone else look in charity shops? Or found any retro bargains in them?

It's just like car boot sales, but with most of the items actually being of some worth. :lol: