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Demon Cleaner
28th May 2009, 09:39
Long time ago that DOSBox has been updated, but finally they come with a new release. Here's the changes:

Most noticeable changes:

* Support for more graphics modes and cards.
* Improved Vista support.
* New OPL emulation cores.
* Sound fixes and improvements for Mac OS X.
* Lots of compatibility fixes.
* Lots of cdrom detection improvements.
* Lots of memory (EMS/XMS) improvements.
* Various fixes and enhancements for the recompiling core.
* Support for evdev.
* Lots of DOS fixes.
* Slightly faster!
* More stable.

Full changes:

- Add two new opl2+opl3 emulators. (better speed, different implementation
- Improved DRO recording/better file structure.
- Add EGA emulation.
- Add special vga machine mode. Supports more of the exotic tricks like
changing the palette during screen updates, 9x16 fonts etc.
- Added special machine modes for the following svga cards:
- S3
- Paradise
- Tseng
- Fix problems with the vga split line feature.
- Improve vesa emulation.
- Add optional selection of old vesa mode for games that donīt work
with certain vesa features.
- Improve video BIOS emulation to behave more like a real bios.
- Fixes for emulated 4bpp graphics modes.
- Fixes to paging system.
- Various fixes and improvements for the recompiling core.
- Add arm backend for the recompiling core.
- Add some mscdex quirks when dealing with files that are exactly 8.3 long.
- Small fixes to batch file handling.
- Small fixes to the XMS memory handling.
- Various fixes for aligned memory on hosts that want it.
- Various improvements to the mouse.
- Fixes and small speed ups to the debugger.
- Fix and improve lotīs of compilation problems. (curses detection,
GCC 3.4 and GCC 4.X fixes)
- Added some basic auto keyboard layout handling. (windows only currently)
- Add basic support for evdev keyboard driver.
- Various fixes to the timer. (improve mode 2 timer changes,
implement mode 1, improve gate2 handling)
- Add audio extraction and mci audio support. Should enable CDROM audio
for Vista and adds volume control.
- Improve the directory cache speed a lot, especially with mounting slow
media like network paths.
- Various fixes to the create temporary file call.
- Donīt keep batchfiles open during execution. Allows rewriting of the
active batchfile. (menu programs use this trick sometimes)
- Fix problems with filenames with 2 extensions.
- Add some more lowlevel dos tables.
- Fixes to hercules emulation.
- Fix flag handling for special case of ROR.
- Make the batchfile handling in regard to IF more flexible.
- Fixes to scrolling/panning feature.
- Add prefetch queue emulation.
- Make the emulated cpu type selectable. This is mainly the
identification commands and the way paging works.
- Some special EMS functionality added. (OS handles, zero-page handling)
- Improve support for EMS when booting a different OS.
- Improve cdrom speed detection by games.
- Improve stability of cycle guessing code, when there is background
- Fix various mscdex and cdrom detection schemes.
- Added Coremidi support on Mac OS X.
- Improve support for DOS devices when used to detect the existance
of directories in various ways.
- Add IRQ 2 emulation on VRET. (ega only)
- Added video parameter table and video state functionality.
- Increase default freespace to 250 MB.
- Some fixes to the fat filesystem handling for disk images.
- Some soundblaster fixes and command additions.
- Fix mixer 16bit direct transfers on bigendian hosts.

28th May 2009, 11:02
That is great news. It has been a big gap since the last version was released, so it is good to see development continues. I will have to try this out later. ;)

29th May 2009, 05:53
yupy! New Winuae, now new DosBox, great news!! :D

Demon Cleaner
29th May 2009, 06:03
Yeah, great indeed. Have to try them both out.

29th May 2009, 20:52
Tried Winuae and to me it seems it's geeting slower every release since 1.5.3, on single core computers. And on XP Sp3 any system i've tried it takes a bit to pop up the menu with f12 and releasing the mouse with midle button.

Dos box still haven't got the time to relly mess with the new option, but it really seems very good.


30th May 2009, 06:07
Just realized, the slowdown on F12 and middle mouse button release are issues with Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 and not a Winuae problem. Deactivating the AV makes winuae respond to this calls normaly.:hmmm:

30th May 2009, 06:15
I also use Kaspersky. Will be interesting to see if the same happens for me.

Maybe it is the proactive defence part of the program causing the issue. I had a similar issue with Kaspersky and some Adobe software, including Premiere, Soundbooth and Photoshop. It would cause the applications to either not fully load, or would cause errors when it did due to blocking specific file access they needed.

30th May 2009, 07:02
You'r damm right! :thumbs:, it's the proactive defense! Deactivated it and now everything works smoth. thanks!