View Full Version : Plants vs Zombies

16th May 2009, 03:29

I've been playing this cool little game a bit this week and have really been enjoying it.

The game involves you defending your house, and your brains, from a horde of attacking zombies. You are secured in your house with your main line of defence being your garden. Given a selection of zombie repelling plants,you need to strategically plant them in the garden to repel and keep the ensuing zombies at bay in each level of the game.

This might sound a little odd, and it definitely is a unique idea. Your plant select included things like a zombie eating plant that can munch up a zombie as it reaches it, but is open to attack from another zombie if it hasn't finished eating the last one, a pea shooter that is great for long range but can be eaten quite easily, the wall-nut which is very strong and can be used as a barrier to slow zombies down, A cherry bomb which blows up all zombies in the local area, and many other ingenious plants with lots of different abilities and weaknesses.

With each level you can also only pick a selection of plant types to take with you into the level. Things like lilly pads in levels with water are a must. While some are limited to certain level types; for example on a night level you will have mushroom plants that work well at night, but in the day time they cannot be used.

The main game mechanic is sunlight. You plant sun flowers to generate sun light points. Each plant costs so many sun light points to plant, so you have to keep planting sun flowers to generate enough sun light points to add plants to defend yourself. And as zombies eat and destroy your plants you will need to plant more.

It starts of fairly straight forward in the early levels, but quickly gets harder as more zombie types are introduced. The best one has to be the Michael Jackson Thriller zombie who dances across the garden raising more zombies from the ground as he goes. Or the poll volting zombie who can jump over one plant to continue towards your house.

There are also some variations in the game levels. You don't always have the standard game style where you select and plant as you wish. Some levels see you having to bowl wall-nuts at the zombies as they approach, or a conveyor belt delivering plants that you have to try and utilise as best you can.

You can download a free trial version of the game from the site, and I highly recommend it. Great fun.