View Full Version : UAE Wii v1

Demon Cleaner
15th May 2009, 08:46
Version 1

* Initial release
* This version has only received light testing and there will be bugs
o Graphics look bad in Workbench, but hey - who cares about that?
* There is a menu, but few menu options actually work. Patches are welcome!

15th May 2009, 15:52
Early days, but great to see. :)

I'm sure development will continue and improve it. Since the software modding became available the Wii homebrew scene has definitely taken off, with lots of emulators being released for the system. A little sad that the Wii is so under powered compared to the 360 and PS3. I can imagine it won't be that much more powerful than a Dreamcast for emulation, and we know how emulators hit the power barrier with the DC and struggled a bit.

I want to see the PS3 hacked and soft modding available, then we will finally see what some powerful console hardware can do in the hands of emulaton and homebrew coders.