View Full Version : Wings of Fury (2?) Remake

30th April 2009, 12:48

remember Wings of Fury? :D
What a great game!

someone did a remake of Wings of Fury, download is available at wingsoffury2.com
I played a bit, and it's the same game, with newer graphics. But everything look the same, it has zoom and some other features, but almost everything is the same.
I just dont know why they call WOF 2 .... it looks equal to the 88/89(?) game, the first two levels as i remember are equalwith same island positions etc....

30th April 2009, 21:52
When fans of a great game want to update it, often this happens. They don't want to ruin the existing great gameplay and mechanics, so instead they just give the graphics a bit of a polish, and the game ends up being exactly the same, but looking nicer.

It looks quite good from the screenshots on the site. I will have to give it a play. :)