View Full Version : OS VMWAROS 1.0 VE for VMPlayer

13th April 2009, 16:51
i bought last Amiga Future mag. and it has an article about AROS for VMPlayer.
Looks very nice, so i give it a try. I download the xms file from more then 1 site and when extracting the file it gives errors. I try to decompress thru RAR and also from 7zip (never saw this one) and none of them worked :huh2:... anyone try it?

when you search for it, the sites you will found refer to Icaros Desktop, i think Icaros should be a second name for VMWAROS (?)

2nd August 2009, 19:33
I give it another try, and dont know why, this time it worked.
I now have Icarus VE 1.1 working in VMplayer.

Very nice OS, but in my laptop with VMplayer it is very very slow.
It is good for testing, but not to work. But it looks cool, i am making this post in Aros OS, so it does work nice !!

Picture of desktop:

3rd August 2009, 15:53
That is great you got it to work. Maybe the original download just corrupted. It happens sometimes.