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9th April 2009, 10:48
What FPS are there that could run ok in a pc with 1,7ghz and 2GB ram with ATI x700?

I allways liked raimbow six/rouge spear games. i like the style where you have to organize the way you go around your mission. More tactical and less fire everything that moves.

I bought rainbow six 3 (with athena sword pack) thru steam, and i like it.
It's from 2003 but i never try it before and i wanted to try it.
the game is very similar to previous ones, and graphics look the same, not a great improvement, but i really like the style.

so, apart from raibow six, what other fps games could i play with my modest laptop (1,7ghz and 2GB ram with ATI x700). I know it's not a great machine, but as example Half live 2 series run very nice on it, so i can not push to hard on details.

give me 2 or 3 fps games that i could try, doesn't matter if they are not recent. don't mind to play old games as long as they are good and have a good price.
I'm a big fan of steam, i bought 3 or 4 games from there and i really enjoy the download system they have and the possibility to download then later again.


9th April 2009, 11:33
There are loads of great older FPS that would run perfectly on your system.

What about the original Half-Life? That is still good and will run on anything these days. But I expect you already have that one.

One of my favourite FPS of recent years is still Far Cry. I enjoyed it much more than the recent sequel. And Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Now quite old, but still a great game and one of my favourite PC games of all time.

As for others. You mentioned rainbow six, so for similar games you could try Operation Flashpoint, Black Hawk Down or some of the Medal of Honor series. Allied Assault would run on your system perfectly well and is very good. Not sure the latest Airbourne would run as well. There is also the Soldier of Fortune games.

If you wanted to try something other than war style FPS, then you could try Star Trek Voyager: Elite Forces 2. That is a great Star Trek based FPS with the whole of Voyager recreated for you to explore, plus loads of other locations including a Kirk era style starship. Or what about Star Wars Jedi Knight 2? That is a great Star Wars based FPS.

Some others I can think of:

No One Lives Forever 2 - retro spy style FPS.
Alien vs Predator 2 - play as a human, a Predator or an Alien and hunt the others!

You will have more trouble running recent FPS games , but STALKER might run OK. I think you will struggle with games like Bioshock, Deadspace, or Vegas Strike. And I think Crysis, Mass Effect, Far Cry 2 and others might be beyond your system.

10th April 2009, 12:07
Thanks mate, i'll have a look

12th April 2009, 10:39
got farcry from steam, a bit old but nice
very good game, and i'm able to run all at maximum detail.
i am enjoing the game a lot, thanks harrison!