View Full Version : Fallout 3 the Pitt

7th April 2009, 19:45
Seeing as there are some fans of Bethesda's Fallout 3 here I kind of expected that sooner or later the latest DLC; The Pitt would have been brought up for discussion.

So, have any of you played it?

7th April 2009, 20:35
I didn't (yet). The thing is that i really had fun with Fallout 3 and i directly had in mind to complete all that is completeable and then create another character, this time with a tenpenny suit... But as i had completed most of the quests, collected all bobbleheads, i slowly started to lose interest in the game... It is still installed but i just can't motivate myself enough to try the DLCs... Are they worth it?

8th April 2009, 10:06
They are if you download them for free! ;)

I've not tried The Pitt yet. I'm still exploring the main game as my_lo also said he was doing. I still have some of the wasteland in the top left of the map to explore and I want to do that before I start on any of the extra content available.