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19th March 2009, 13:31
Reports of good things about Windows 7 just keep coming from all sides. I think this has to be the first Microsoft OS to actually be popular, even before release. Microsoft even seem to have finally realised that in order to create satisfied customers and users you have to listen to them and understand their needs and dislikes.

A news item posted this week by PC Pro here (http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/249563/windows-7-improvements-keep-coming.html) highlights this very well, with Microsoft continuing to add a lot of new features, and to continue tweaking or changing existing ones for the better due purely to customer feedback.

The fact there is a beta of Windows 7 released to the masses is also a first for Microsoft. Before you had to be an official Microsoft registered tester/developer to get your hands on anything before release. This is again a great move in my view.

So who here has been running the Windows 7 beta? And are your views as positive as everyone else's seem to be so far?

I've not personally had chance to run the new OS yet. When I get my older currently dead system reserrected I will probably use that to give it a try as it should be up to the task.

19th March 2009, 13:37
Taken from microsoft.com

"The Windows 7 Beta is no longer available for download. If you have the Beta, here are the Installation Instructions and FAQ. "


19th March 2009, 13:52
Yes, they reached their target of 2 million beta users so removed the download. I'm sure we could still find it at other locations though! ;)

Demon Cleaner
19th March 2009, 17:01

If you want a copy I could set it into a queue for you, 64 or 32bit? That would be Build 7057.

19th March 2009, 17:32
64-bit would be great. Cheers!

Demon Cleaner
19th March 2009, 17:46
Download is ready, it occupies 2 queues. Have fun ;)

19th March 2009, 23:15
Nice one. Thank you. :)

Now to get my dead system up and running again so I can test it.

Demon Cleaner
26th March 2009, 17:00
Can I remove the files, and also the 3DS MAX files?

26th March 2009, 17:50
Yes thanks. All downloaded now. ;) Not had chance to test Win 7 yet though.