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Demon Cleaner
18th March 2009, 06:54
I don't know how many people here use Pinball emulation like PinMAME, Visual PinMAME, Visual Pinball, Future Pinball... but yesterday I came across a new frontend called HyperPin, and a guy used it to set up a very awesome pinball machine, watch for yourselves:

HyperPin Pinball (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkVYnnudHdM&eurl=http://gamgea.com/2009/03/13/hyperpin-pinball-frontend-der-flippertisch-einer-neuen-generation/&feature=player_embedded)

I'd want to do that myself :)

18th March 2009, 11:46
Now that is really cool. It would be great to have that setup.

I found this forum (http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?p=18885)post where the guy behind the video talks about it in some more detail. At the moment he is saying only Future Pinball works and it doesn't currently support visual pinball. Will be very cool once it does though.

I've not updated my pinball rom collections in some time, and this is making me want to now. ;)

I've also not yet tried Future Pinball, so am going to try it out. For anyone else interested in giving it a go you can find it at http://www.futurepinball.com/

Demon Cleaner
18th March 2009, 14:13
I always updated all my pinball collections, but didn't do so with the emulators, I still have older versions that won't start anymore because they're obsolete :)

But I'm sitting at my emulation PC right now and I want to update everything now if nothing else comes across :)

Demon Cleaner
18th March 2009, 16:36
Have updated the emulators again and everything is working fine, gonna test Hyperspin now.