View Full Version : World's hardest game 2

Demon Cleaner
17th March 2009, 14:42
Oh my, this is a tough one :blink:

World's hardest game 2 (http://www.the-world-hardest-game2.de.tl/Let-h-s-play-2-.-0.htm?PHPSESSID=0c5f6d3fc2225ef8cb9c1a74615da3b2)

17th March 2009, 14:49
Damn it! I can't even get of level 4 of the tutorial! :lol:

18th March 2009, 20:02
Got to level 3 or 4 in game? Damn that is hard!!

18th March 2009, 22:50
I finally got out of the tutorial and I think it was level three I was stuck at too, or it might have been 4. Bloody hard!