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28th January 2009, 10:45
Just found this (http://www.spellendoos.nl/)on the web. They are trying to do something similar to our software section but are also starting to add screenshots and disk images as well. I also see that some members of this forum (Harrison and rbelk) are members of the site but failed to tell us about it:nono:;).

28th January 2009, 11:37
Yes, this project, plus a third project, were announced by their creators just before Christmas on the EAB forums, and their ideas are very similar to the goals of our own Software directory.

I have contacted them both to let them know about our own software directory project at the time they began their own projects and have been chatting with them about this. They are both very interested in joining forces to share information and files between each other.

Arjen, the creator of the Amiga Applications museum, is all for collaboration and the sharing of data and content between our two sites. He is currently busy going through the TOSEC applications directory and adding all of the software from that archive into his database. Obviously doing this will mean that much of the information will be missing for credits and other stuff, but at the moment he isn't including things like coders in this database, just the publisher and developer.