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27th January 2009, 12:24
Red Dwarf voyages back to Earth

Cult comedy Red Dwarf is returning to TV, 21 years after its initial launch.

The show has been resurrected by digital channel Dave for a two-part Easter weekend special, which sees the cast finally return to Earth.

Written and directed by Red Dwarf co-creator Doug Naylor, the new show reunites the line-up, including Coronation Street's Craig Charles.

The hit show, which ran for eight series on BBC Two between 1988 and 1999, won an International Emmy award.

'No holds barred'

Set three million years into the future, the show followed the exploits of Dave Lister, slovenly crew member of the mining ship Red Dwarf - and the last man in the universe.

He was joined in his weekly attempts to make it back to Earth by a cast of oddballs including human hologram Arnold Rimmer, mechanoid servant Kryten and Cat - a preening half-man, half-animal who evolved from the ship's cat.

At its peak, Red Dwarf pulled in around eight million viewers and was broadcast in more than 25 countries.

It has sold more than seven million DVDs and videos.

The new two-part series Red Dwarf: Back to Earth will be followed by a "no holds barred" episode without sets, special effects or autocue.

The weekend will climax with Red Dwarf: the Making of Back to Earth, a behind-the-scenes special from the new episodes.

'Nuff Said!!!!!

27th January 2009, 13:40
Brilliant news! I can't wait!!! :)

So I take it the film was finally scrapped at some point?

27th January 2009, 14:03
There's been talk about the film for years and it's all just been a load of bollocks. besides some of the cast either wanted to move on or didn't particularly want to work together ever again plus I think there was the whole dispute between Rob Grant and Doug Naylor so it was never going to happen. This is about the best we can ever hope for. Besides it will finish things all together.

I wonder if they'll rename the channel to Lister and do all the voiceovers in scouse for the weekend?

Someone has to record this as I can't get Dave where I am.

27th January 2009, 14:48
You can't get Dave? I thought everyone could get it. How can you live without the constant repeat of Top Gear! :lol:

27th January 2009, 15:04
I watch the repeats on BBC2. Besides I usually laugh so much I end up having an asthma attack.
We won't even get Dave after switchover in 2011 unless we move the arial and then it'll be variable. Although I could change to the Granada region and then I'm laughing as they're already doing the switchover but I have to put up with Manc and Scouse news. However I would also be able to watch UKTV History and watch Sharpe episodes back to back.:hmmm:

27th January 2009, 15:15
That's a real smeg-up for you, Buleste.

Will see what I can do when it's on. Hopefully my DVR should transfer to PC easily! If not, give it a few hours and the torrent will appear.

27th January 2009, 15:37
I'm sticking with Sky myself. So many moan about it. Either because it's giving money to someone they don't like via the subscription and the owners of Sky, or for some other reason. Personally I think Sky can't be beaten and is one of the best in the world.

27th January 2009, 16:03
Sky sucks on so many levels.
1. The amount of original programmes they make is minimal.
2. You pay for all the hardware and then have to pay to be able to use it.
3. You pay for a channel and still get adverts.
4. The owner is a Bush supporting megalomaniac with all the morals of Satan.
5. It's just pure Americanisation of British T.V.

I could go on but you love Sky so there's no point.;)

27th January 2009, 17:14
Show me a better complete solution compared to Sky+? There isn't one. Cable is crap in comparison and freeview just doesn't many worthwhile channels.

1, I view Sky as a broadcasting platform to receive and watch programs. Not a vehicle to make them.
2, Well yes, but you have to for most things don't you? You buy a broadband router but still have to pay to access the internet. You buy a computer, but still have to buy additional software to do anything with it.
3, You pay for packages, not channels individually. Adverts can be a bit annoying, that is true, but the individual channels broadcasting on Sky need to still make some money of their own. Solution. Record the programs on Sky+ then you can quickly fast forward though them!
4, This is something I don't care about. If the product works then I'm happy. Anyone who manages to be the owner of anything really successful is viewed like this. Bill Gates, BAA etc...