View Full Version : Technology connecting USB HD to home divx player

21st January 2009, 17:11

I have a LG divx/dvd/mp3 player connected to my TV and sound system. It has a USB 2.0 port where i can put movies in divx thru a normal USB pen.

I try to connect an external USB HD 2.5" but with no result. Maybe he is trying to look in the USB port for the a chip on a PEN when he has a real HD connected....

does did have a solution. I have a 8GB Pen, so i can some divx movies, but with an external HD with 250GB or more it would be great!!

21st January 2009, 17:18
I think it is more to do with the file system. I think standard usb pens are formatted with Fat32. So if your HD is NTFS formatted it can't be read.

Only a guess though.

21st January 2009, 21:19
No, that is probably the case. The NTFS filesystem is Microsoft, other companies probably have to pay a hefty license fee to use it. So I guess most of them don't. The PS3 can't read NTFS either f. ex.

Demon Cleaner
22nd January 2009, 11:58
But one thing that I don't understand, the XBox360 can't read NTFS formatted disks either. Isn't the XBox from Microsoft? :hmmm:

But it works fine with FAT32 formatted disks, I already tried that. But I use Twonky Media Server to stream directly from PC, that's even easier.

22nd January 2009, 13:05
NTFS is a more complex file system compared to FAT32. Maybe M$ didn't include support for some other reasons. Also FAT32 is own source AFAIK so there are no licensing issues for third party developers to pre-format their media.