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19th January 2009, 15:31
We have all read the interviews and rumours over the past few years about the on going pre-development for the next Elite game. However it is still not actually in full development yet.

But if another Elite game (IV?) were to be developed what would you like it to be like, and what features would you like to see.

For me I would like it to be like Frontier: Elite 2, but brought up to date with state of the art graphics.

Improvements to the combat system would also be needed, to make it easier to control as aiming during combat was always a pain.

One other major update would be the ability to get out of your seat in your ship and walk around inside, as well as leave your ship. So in larger ships you could interact with your crew and passengers. chatting with them to find out information, gain more missions directly from them. And in turn also add some more RPG elements in a similar way to KOTOR. So you could make in game friends that could unlock other elements of the game.

The ability to leave your ship is something I always wished I could do in Frontier. Especially when docked with a space station, the ability to leave the ship and explore the station, interacting with NPCs to recruit new crew etc... And on planets, again maybe a bit like KOTOR, would be great.

Obviously there are some limitations because Elite by its very nature has a huge universe and it would be impossible to predefine events and scripted conversations for every planet you visited. Maybe some kind of procedural system could be developed much like how previous Elite games have constructed their systems when you visit them.

The only question is. Would adding more RPG elements and the ability to leave your ship still keep it Elite? Or would there be a danger of the game becoming something else and losing the original feel of the series?

Would any like an online multiplayer Elite? I'm not sure if I would or not. EVE already exists for this in my view and to play that you have to have a lot of spare time to dedicate to it. There was also Freelancer which kind of touches on some of my ideas, but didn't take them quite far enough. But you could create your own servers for private multiplayer universes.

What are your thoughts on a new Elite? What would you like to see?

19th January 2009, 20:45
The Universe.

19th January 2009, 22:32
I would like to be very similar Elite Frontier, but not online, or both. There are some great games that are very nice online, but playing them alone looks not so good.
I prefer games originaly made for 1 simple player and then adapted to on-line, so i would like to have the game totally focus to single player, and only them for online.

It would be great to have the game similar to Frontier, with graphics and sound of this new century, but maybe a some new itens like more interaction with new lifeforms, maybe a bit like Captain blood, were you have to interact with with icon language. But for me it would be important to keep the features of being able to go from one planet to other, and being totally free the way you travel beetween systems

20th January 2009, 00:01
I would love to see multiple alien races with thier own societies and laws etc, much like the first one.

I would like some areas of the universe considered a war-zone and as such without the right beacon one could end up on the wrong side of a powerfull star crusier.

more interaction, and more than just obtaining ELITE status than just killin enemy(s) I would love to see the Sandboxing to its extreme and all of this


see i dont want much

20th January 2009, 13:55
Well alien species and perhaps the option to change the Newtonian laws to a more Arcade like gameplay for those who want too.

Don't get me wrong on the following, its not meant as something that should be in the main game, but a storyline with quests for those who want to have a set goal for a change, and perhaps a kit to make your own storyline/campaign.
This would be something optional, not something you have to do.

20th January 2009, 14:18
That is also something I would love to see. To have storylines/campaign you could follow within the game. Sometimes in Frontier it was possible to get a little bored due to a lack of any story driven narrative. I know that wasn't really what Elite was about back then, but computers are now more capable of delivering something more.

And this could be utilised very well in a huge universe like Elite. The developers could also keep adding more downloadable storylines that take you though different parts of the universe. I think that would work really well.

I also like the idea of switching control systems between arcade and realism. New players always found it really hard to get to grips with the more realistic mechanics of Elite, especially when landing on planets or docking manually. :lol: And for combat, to be able to switch to a more arcade like combat mode similar to something like Wing Commander would be quite fun.

20th January 2009, 18:47
I disagree with being able to switch from Newtonian to "classic" controls especially if it becomes an online game as any combat would be a case of who's the quickest to switch modes. It has to be either Newtonian or "Classic" not both. It would take the enjoyment out of the game.

The only alien race should be the Thargoids and swarms of 'em. Plotting to invade human controlled space.

20th January 2009, 19:37

Why not have it that as the game goes the thargoids attack outland systems and destroy them.... human and non-human alike

One thing that captured me so much was the imagination of flying to another planetary system to be greeted by strange and wierd creatures with the own political structures etc... a truely awesome time to be a child... up playing the C64 after my parents went to bed!

lets hope what ever they make, they manage to capture that, the feeling of SPACE!

20th January 2009, 21:14

I could imagine storylines involving the Federation, the Empire, or the Thargoids.

The player out to assist a heir of the Emperor in some plan to increase his sphere of influence, going through various contacts and quests.

Or perhaps investigating some deal your 'grandfather' Commander Jameson had left unfinished, now his client is on your back and expects you to finish of the job, not taking repayment as compensation.
You would have to trace Jameson's trail, meet some of his contacts and visit a variety of worlds.

Now it gets a little Star Trek like; an encounter with mysterious superior lifeforms that inhabit Hyperspace of have relocated their civilization there.;