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5th February 2007, 00:56
Just got this delivered on friday along with a few other DVD's, have to say it is as mad as a box of frogs.

It is produced and directed by Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer) who also stars in it and has some of the coolest,craziest fight sequences i have ever seen choreographed by Yuen Wo Ping (The Matrix).

I would definitely recommend this to any fan of martial arts films, and even if you aren't a fan its worth seeing just for the madcap Chinese humour, a thoroughly enjoyable romp for a Sunday night.:thumbs:

Demon Cleaner
5th February 2007, 14:25
I have seen it a while ago, and I also bought the DVD. I like it a lot, especially the scene, where the guy stabs his knives into Chow, and then drops the snakes on him, and he tries to whistle :lol:

5th February 2007, 18:48
that scene was funny as hell i was nearly crying when Chow threw his knife into the wall and it rebounded and stuck in his arm :lol:

6th February 2007, 14:16
I tried to watch this but didn't really get it, but i was tired as hell at the time and ended up falling asleep. Plus we had friends round at the time :nugget:

Maybe I should give it another go sometime.