View Full Version : 127 Amiga Mod files converted to MP3.

12th January 2009, 09:01
I found links for 127 Amiga mod files converted to MP3. However they are listed on Rapidshare (a file sharing service) members get faster service and multiple downloads, non members must wait to download, I think most are aware of this. IF IT IS OK and doesn't break any rules I would be happy to post the links, I waill await the OK before I do from a mod or admin first though;), below is original description:

Original Amiga .mod-files (1988-1992)

128kbps mp3 tagged n ready
Saved using WinAmp (mp3-lame-plugin)
127 files

12th January 2009, 11:25
Do you know what the mp3s are? Game music, demo scene... etc?

I don't mind links to rapidshare being posted, as long as its not illegal content such as full games.

12th January 2009, 21:28
Looking through the folder they appeear to be Amiga mods converted to MP3 format, I believe these were all mods created originally by Demo scene groups and the like. I listened to quite a few most of which very heavy Techno kind of stuff, 7 are listed as UNKNOWN Artist but all the rest are credit to various Artist some examples are: Amiglords/Anarchy/Scoopex/Reflex of Rebels etc. The only thing I personally recognized at all was the cool sounding Batman AcidMix.mp3 which was obviously a re-mix from the game. So I don't think any of it are straight audio rips from any games but re-mixes and originally created content by Demo scene artists. Pretty cool I think.

13th January 2009, 02:31
Well, here are the links, should not be a problem, nothing retail or commercial just re-mixes, if it's a problem delete this posts of course thanks!:


13th January 2009, 14:01
Great, thanks. I will definitely download them when I get the chance. And if they can all be identified correctly with their origin then I will consider adding some/all to CA.