View Full Version : will old disks damage my new miggy

3rd January 2009, 21:03
Hi folks,
I have just been given a whole bag of Amiga games on floppies. They have been in a friends loft for the best part of a decade and then in his garage for 18months waiting to be taken to the tip. Some are obviously moisture damaged as the ink has run on the disk labels, although my friend assures me they have had no direct contact with water, and the whole lot smells a bit musty. However, some are double bagged and look fine on the surface of the outer plastic casing and the internal data disk. I have just got a brand new Amiga1200 ‘old’ new stock from amigakit.co.uk. CAN I DAMAGE MY NEW MIGGY’S FLOPPY DRIVE BY TRYING TO USE THEM? Is there a way of cleaning them up? Will giving them a spin in an old pc floppy disk drive be any use or should I just bin them?
They are currently just sat in the front room warming up.
Cheers guys

5th January 2009, 07:15
I don't think you will do any damage trying the disks in your Amiga. But if you are worried then you could get an external disk drive to try the disks.

5th January 2009, 22:19
It's possible to transfer dirt from the disks to the drive but if the disks look clean, I wouldn't worry.

See if the metal flap moves back and forth freely on the disks.
If so, you should be ok.

6th January 2009, 16:43
Also, check that the metal flap isn't bent or folded - if it is, you'll probably scratch or destroy the heads in the internal drive.

6th January 2009, 16:53
I sometimes used to have problems with bent metal flaps on disks, but all it ever did was get the disks stuck in the drive. I would normally just pull the metal flap off and use the disk without it. Only thing to remember then is that the spring loaded flap won't be present and this is used by the drive to help eject the disk.