View Full Version : Help ! Winuae install hard-drive fore use with Amiga 600

3rd January 2009, 20:04

I am trying to make an hard-dirve ready for my A600, I am following this guide "wiki(dot)classicamiga(dot)com/How_to_install_SFS_onto_a_real_Harddrive_within_WinUAE" I'm using Windows xp home service pack 3 and winuae version 1.5.3, every thing runs fine, but my problem is when i get to the part where i shall reboot the system then it goes wrong, I get a message at the start up saying "Program failed (error #80000004) Suspend? Reboot?" if I press suspend it only hangs and if I press reboot it reboots but the same message turns up again. Sow now I'm stuck :(

The hard-drive is an 3.5 ide with 800mb, I have to format it to fat or ntfs, because windows wont load if its not.

Sorry for the bad English, I'm from Denmark

3rd January 2009, 20:30
SmartFileSystem (SFS) will not work on an unexpanded A600 as it requires a 68020 processor or better. You need to install using basic FFS. If you format the harddrive using either FAT or NTFS then you're Amiga will not recognise it. If you want to use the HDD on your PC under WinUAE then you can use FFS but you have to run WinUAE to be able to read the HDD.

3rd January 2009, 21:54
The SFS stuff I wasn't aware of sow thanks a lot.

But i want to prepare the hard-drive with winuae and then put it in my Amiga 600, but anyway thanks for the quick reply, i had the Motorola 68000 selected in the cpu tab in winuas sow maybe that was causing the bug ?
But i will use FFS now.

5th January 2009, 08:30
I had this exact same problem when setting up an HD for my A600. Having used SFS for all my other systems I hit exactly the same issue. I set the HD up in WinUAE but then discovered the HD would not boot with a 68000 selected.

I will be adding this information to the Wiki guide so other A600 users know this restriction before they waste time trying to install SFS.