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30th December 2008, 14:51
I've been using Comodo Firewall software for about a year now, and while it is a very good firewall, and prevents all attacks and other threats, it is also a bit too secure. Let me explain.

So far I've encountered a few problems with Comodo:

Slows down the loading of any internet software - browsers, email clients, ftp etc... It can sometimes halt such software for over a minute during loading while it does something in the background. During this pause it uses 100% system resources and grinds the system to a halt. So not nice.
Conflicts with some of the Adobe CS4 software range - With Comodo running I can't get Premiere CS4 or Soundbooth CS4 to load, and Photoshop CS4 sometimes has problems loading too. With it disabled they all load perfectly.
Slows down the booting of Windows XP by about 30 seconds.

I'm therefore now on the hunt for another firewall to replace Comodo with. I am considering going back to Outpost Pro as I used that for a couple of years and never had any issues. I only switched because my license expired and Comodo looked like a good free alternative.

But are there any other free firewalls anyone would recommend I try? Or if now, any other commercial firewalls you use and recommend?

Demon Cleaner
30th December 2008, 16:08
I also use Comodo, never had problems so far, only thing which annoys me, are the constant pop ups I get when Comodo is trying to install or update an application, even though I already told it that it can trust that application and should handle it as installer/updater. But it seems always to forget it, don't know why, Java installer is a good example.

30th December 2008, 18:39
Well, I would recommend Comodo v2.4 as previously mentioned if you run XP (no good for Vista though I would have thought). Comodo have recently combined all their products into an internet security bundle, but it all seems a little over the top.

Many people seem to mention Online Armour free:


Never used it, but it may be worth a try.

And here are two more that seem to generate a few downloads:


3rd January 2009, 13:51
I've been using Sygate Personal Firewall for years. It's old and no longer supported because Symantec purchased Sygate, but it's lightweight and fast.


5th January 2009, 07:22
I don't really like to use unsupported software for things like firewalls and virus checkers as there are always new forms of threats being discovered.

I've done some further testing and the firewall component of Comodo is functioning well... it was the proactive defense part of the application which was causing the problems with CS4 because it watches the system and what applications are doing (such as accessing the display directly) and blocks access. Something that isn't really the main purpose of a firewall. I've therefore disabled that part, as my virus checker has its own proactive defense component that does work well.