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26th December 2008, 09:19
I just received my Blizzard 030 MK-IV with 32mb ram.
I have a HD with classicwb (3.1) that i really enjoy, whdload works great!

I would like to try now the classicwb 3.9 version.

"You'll need a valid OS 3.9 install updated with Boing Bags 1 and 2, without one this pack will fail."

- i have the OS3.9 in CD
- boingbags - i download some time ago, i remember that i used them in amikit, 1st boingbag worked ok, but i had problems in second... i wonder if i have the right versions of boingbag, can anyone tell me very can i find the bags 1 and 2?

- classicwb 3.9 also have the whdload pre-installed with a letters directorys?

So the Classicwb 3.9 will install on top of a fresh os3.9? I must install 3.9 first and then classicwb3.9? It will result in a fresh OS3.9 with classicwb setup on top of it, is that it?

I only install 3.9 in amigasys, so how i create a 3.9 hdf? Do i have to install wb3.0/3.1 first and then os3.9 on over it?

26th December 2008, 09:51
All good questions.

The OS39 pack was made due to continuous requests, even though I wasn't really interested in doing anything above 3.0-3.1. As a result, I've never bothered to write a proper universal install script like AmigSYS for 3.5 and 3.9, as due to the way ClassicWB is setup and customized using Scalos, it would have proved impossible (3.5 and 3.9 don't like the version of Scalos I use in the packs).

I didn't want to give OS39 users no option at all, so I decided to release a OS39 pack separately but not make it available for public download at the moment.

Yes, it has almost all the same features as the other packs, including the game directories.

It has to be "activated" using a full updated install of OS39 in WinuAE, as described on the webpage:


To install OS39 in WinUAE, I do think you have to first install 3.1 from disk, then run the OS39 CD. Finally apply the update packs and use this HDF to activate the ClassicWB OS39. I'm no expert however, as I've never installed it from scratch!

A mess around I know, but I just haven't got around to writing an install script to use the CD directly.

26th December 2008, 10:26
For the Boing Bags got to the bottom of this (http://www.monkeyhouse.eclipse.co.uk/amiga/boingbag/) page and download.

26th December 2008, 10:31
Thank you guys

Bloodwych keep up the excellent work!!! classicwb that i install in my real amiga (3.1) is really good, with the new board i can run all the games i tried so far, before the card, only with the 2mb chip ram, i was only able to run maybe 50% of the games, but now i run everything!!! :)

I will get boingball and try to install OS3.1+OS3.9+boingbag1&2 and then your pack, let you know after.