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2nd February 2007, 14:50
I was just looking at the screenshots people have posted on other sites showing off their customised Workbench screens. The best ones are running AmigaOS3.9 and do look very nice.

One thing did strike me though. All of them are using a Windows style start menu and task bar running along the bottom of the sceen just as it looks in Windows. I've yet to see any recent Workbench screenshots using one of the Mac like docking bars that also exist for the Amiga.

What does this tell you? Well I personally prefer the Windows approach to the taskbar where you can quickly see and access the applications running and can add quick launch icons to the bar too. I've never liked the Mac OSX icon strip at the bottom of it's screen. For me this shows that most other Amiga fans feel the same. :)

Here are a couple of cool Workbench 3.9 screens I found on amigans.net:



Obviously this second one is using AmiKit, and shows how nice this custom package is.

2nd February 2007, 18:54
I remember spending a lot of time configuring the Workbench. Started out with the standard MagicWB, moved on to NewIcons, and then GlowIcons. Have had several different Workbench designs. Although, I'm back to using good old MagicWB again in eight colours on the Amiga 1200. It is fast and it still looks neat. :) Especially if you have CopperWB in the background. That makes it look like theres over 200 colours, instead of eight. :)

3rd February 2007, 19:07
Have used that startbar with Amikit, but have never used it with my miggy.
Use Amidock.
Prefer Amidock but haven't really given the other one a good go.
Don't know what it is called so it could be bit tricky installing it.

5th February 2007, 00:51
I can't remember its name either, but I have it installed on my A4000, so next time I boot it up I will see what the name of the utility is.