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20th December 2008, 00:24
While Commodore Gaming's PC range is very nice the price has always been way over the top. However I've always really liked their cases and wished I could just get hold of a case to build a system.

And after seeing a couple of their current systems running in PC World the other day and liking the new cases a lot I just had a look on their website and the good news is that they are now selling the chassis/case on their own! :)


They are still very expensive though at 199, but that does include the choice of any of their custom case designs. However, looking through the current selection of case art I was very disappointed that their is currently no retro designs at all to choose from!!! :( I loved the yellow C= case design they were selling last year, and there were a couple of others such as Space Invaders. The current art they have is all based on current PC games. Some of the art from Eve and Guild Wars is really nice and I wouldn't mind a case with one of those designs, but for it to truely be a commodore case it has to have a retro theme in my view.

Would any of you be tempted to buy one of these cases?

They are running a special offer on some of their cases for 175.

Their full systems are very nice spec too, but the price is mad. I could build most of the systems for under half the cost they are charging. Mad.

And take a look at the XXX Department page. A PC specified on there is over 5000! :o