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Demon Cleaner
15th December 2008, 20:31
For those who loved this game, like myself, there's a remake available at http://www.retroremakes.com/comp2008/ugfa/Category1/1UltimateBruceLee_UltimateBruceLee1.zip

It features several game modes plus updated graphics. I'm gonna give it a try tomorrow.

C64 version


15th December 2008, 21:27
Neat, these are the kinds of remakes I like.

Is anyone working on a Super Rambo Special remake?

Demon Cleaner
18th December 2008, 11:56
The game's great, feels just like the original. Btw, you can also play the original :thumbs:

24th December 2008, 10:49
Nice job, I like it.:thumbs:

30th December 2008, 12:06
Very nice find. Downloading now for a quick game. :)

Demon Cleaner
28th July 2009, 16:00
I beat now all the game modes to unlock Ultimate Bruce Lee, and also beat that, but I was very disappointed as nothing special happens at the end :(

28th July 2009, 16:30
That is a shame. They could have done something nice for 100% completion.

But, so often this is the case with games. You reach the ultimate achievement of completing it or competing everything possible and that is it. Nothing.

One game ending I always remember is the Amstrad CPC game Pulsator. When you completed the game each of the characters you saved in the game came back onto the screen one at a time and thanked you. That was a great touch and really finished the game off.

Even today, so many of the more linear games on completion just roll some credits like the end of a film. I think we deserve a bit more from a game ending then film credits.

Demon Cleaner
28th July 2009, 17:05
The shame is that the ultimate version is nothing else than the remake, but instead of 1 ninja and 1 Yamo (the green guy), 4 Yamo's are following/fighting against you! The rest is completely the same. I enjoyed Tron version or Paper version more and really thought that the ultimate would be something nice. But as huge Bruce Lee (the C64 game) fan I'm pretty satisfied with it, although I have to say, the version I played most, was the original :lol:

29th July 2009, 12:54
I used to love this on the Speccy, it's what two player gaming was all about (beating each other up). I do also have this on the 64 but I can't remember the last time I played it.

I'm guessing this remake is for Windows only. Nice graphics.

Demon Cleaner
29th July 2009, 13:55
I'm guessing this remake is for Windows only. Nice graphics.I think so.