View Full Version : Very useful tool if you run Limited accounts

12th December 2008, 20:02
I just found an invaluable tool for those who use Limited accounts on certain machines.

It's an executable that stores your admin password in a crypt file, so you can "Runas" any program you want in a limited account with admin privaliges automatically.

Normally, you have to type the password each time.


If you don't use limited accounts, it's useless! :D

12th December 2008, 22:29
I don't tend to use limited accounts on most of my systems as it is only me who ever uses them and has access to them. However this could be useful in the future.

13th December 2008, 11:21
I have a limited account on my parents machine to better protect their surfing habits (click anything LOL!), and this tool came in so useful as one program didn't like limited accounts.

I do actually run a limited account also on my storage/work machine if I ever use it to surf the web, as it holds my precious archive of data! Also use this machine for online banking and ordering so security is heavier and I'm more paranoid. It's also not home networked to any other PC.

Other computers I run as admin (gaming, retro, laptop) for convenience, but I trust myself and it's not really a huge issue if they get infected (not that they ever have) as I have back ups.

Definitely a tool worth bookmarking as an XP user. Vista may have a better system built in, but this is one of the few secure automatic ways of running admin programs in an XP limited account that I could find.

To be honest, and you probably agree, most of us more seasoned computer users really don't need the limited accounts but they do have their uses now and again.