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11th December 2008, 19:51
I'm a bit confused with something in my classicwb setup, here is what i have done:

1. Installed Winuae
2. Installed ClassicWB full
3. Created a DH1 called "myfiles" containing all KGWHDs zipped (a folder i created in my winuae install folder<c:\program files\winuae\myfiles>)
4. Unzipped them to a subfolder named <c:\program files\winua\myfiles\games\> with dopus

So basically, on the desktop of my workbench, i have a drive named "myfiles" (DH1) containing all the kgwhd games and they work fine BUT:

I'd like to dispatch all those games in the whdload drawer located on DH0 with all the 0-z drawers. Unfortunately, when i start coying the games from myfiles to the game folder located on DH0, it quickly says that i've reached the maximum size of the disk.

So what i'd like to know is: how could i place all the kgwhd games in the drawer games - 0-z without reaching the maximum size of HD0 created by classic wb?

I hope this makes sense :blink:

11th December 2008, 20:33
The HDF file that your using isn't big enough - basically a HDF file is an emulated hard drive.
I'd be tempted (if you want ease of use) is to add another directory as DH2: (temporarily)
Copy your ClassicWB setup from DH0: to DH2:
Then copy your games from DH1: to the games 0-Z folders on DH2":
Now change your hard drive settings, getting rid of the HDF and DH1: leaving your new directory (which was DH2:) now as DH0:
Save the config (then you don't have to remember to do this again)

The reason for using a directory rather than a hardfile (HDF) is because a directory is only limited to size of your PC's hard drive.

11th December 2008, 20:36
You have several options. :) woody.cool mentions one of them. :)

Leave the ClassicWB on the same HDF, and tell it where the new games directory is as described on the website:


I appreciate it's kind of hard to find though.

Go to Startup->User-Startup from the settings menu. This loads up the S/User-Startup file. Where is says Assign A-Games:, change the assign from SYS:Games to DH1:Games (or wherever you want your game directory). This will update all the links in the Workbench, so you can keep your WHDLoad games wherever you want. A PC directory would be a good choice, as space won't be limited.

Another option is to make another, larger HDF file, mount it as DH1: and use Dopus to copy all the files across. Then mount that new HDF as DH0: and you're away. You could try the same with a PC directory and do away with HDF's all together, which may suit you better.

Finally, I have a fully setup UAE pack that handles all this for you. It runs two versions of the ClassicWB (ADVSP and P96) but runs all the games and extra files from a PC directory called storage. I can give you the link to the beta if you'd rather use that:


11th December 2008, 20:50
I think i'll go for the solution to change the assign from SYS:Games to DH1:Games since it's the one that will need the less changes on my actual setup. I had been looking for a whdload config file that could be changed to point to another location and this solution is exactly what i was searching :D

Thanks to both of you for your help :thumbs:

11th December 2008, 20:55
Cool. :)

Can anyone move this thread to the ClassicWB forum? It's looking a bit empty and this question pops up quite a bit.

11th December 2008, 22:05
There you go. Moved.

This was definitely the main question I had when I originally used ClassicWB for the first time. Hopefully this will be useful for others too.

12th December 2008, 05:33
Although I recommended the moving of everuthing to a directoru, on my real Amiga, I've reassigned my A-Games: folder to DH1:

On my A3000, I run ClassicWB GAAE, have ClassicWB installed to DH0:, games on DH1: and DH2: for other 'stuff' (basically my data partition/work partition)

I like it that ClassicWB is this versatile.

12th December 2008, 16:19
I also do exactly the same with my setups, but split it up a bit more.

DH0: - ClassicWB installation
DH1: - Applications (use this to install all additional software, so it is all in one place and not messing up the main ClassicWB installation. This makes it easier to update ClassicWB to a newer release.
DH2: - work/data partition for general files. Again this makes it easy to keep the files separate. Useful for dumping downloaded files and drivers which can be backed up and deleted once finished with.
DH3: - WHDLoad demos
DH4: - WHDLoad games

13th December 2008, 11:24
I'm glad people make use of those A-Assigns:

Another question people ask is why the "A-" prefix. Some may already know, but it's simply to make sure they appear at the top of file requesters. I got sick of searching for these folders between all the other assigns!