View Full Version : PSPUAE Fame/C-Edition

Demon Cleaner
10th December 2008, 10:10
The Fame/C-Edition version of PSPUAE is applied to the processor emulation Fame/C, a C implemented, widely platform independent emulation of the m68k CPU.

The PSPUAE Fame/C-Edition runs faster than the usual PSPUAE, but is a lot more instable and savestates of the Fame/C-Edition are not compatible with the normal PSPUAE version. A further development of PSPUAE Fame/C is for the moment not planned.

Surely FOL can give us some more details.

Homepage can be found as usual here (http://www.pspuae.com/).

13th December 2008, 20:56
Is it worth downloading over the regular PSPUAE?

Demon Cleaner
15th December 2008, 15:35
Is it worth downloading over the regular PSPUAE?Can't tell you, haven't tried it myself, you should check out on their homepage for further questions.