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8th December 2008, 23:47
Has anyone else used the Firefox extension Chickenfoot?

This is a really nice extension that gives you a programming environment within Firefox that uses Javascript. It doesn't contain as many built in commands and functions as the full JS language, but it has enough to do most things, and it does contain a few useful additional functions such as sleep().

What would you use it for?

It is similar in many ways to greasemonkey. It allows you to code and run scripts from within Firefox to manipulate websites and webpages. It's not automated or as advanced as Greasemonkey in that you could install scripts that run everytime a specific site or url is accessed. Instead it allows you to code js scripts and then run them from the chickenfoot sidebar pane. It has a code window at the top of the sidebar and an output window at the bottom which you can use to output information and data as your code runs.

I've been using it to automate the actions in the Facebook game, Battle of the Bands. In this game your energy builds up, regenerating at a set rate every 5 minutes. To make money you need to wait for your energy to build up enough in order to play a show/gig. This uses up some of your energy and earns you money in return. So I coded a js script that works out how many times you can play a show for your total energy, it then loops though access the URL to play a show and then pauses for the length of time needed to regenerate all energy, and then loops through the process again. Great to leave running over night to build up some money in the game. ;)

8th December 2008, 23:52
Also, unlike Greasemonkey, with Chickenfoot you can play around with a script and edit/update it on the fly in the sidebar and keep running it live in the browser to get it working as you wish. Great to experiment with a site and try to manipulate it to do what you wish.

9th December 2008, 07:09
I've been using it to automate the actions in the Facebook game, Battle of the Bands.
I've not played that yet ... is it any good?
I'm wondering about doing a similar thing with the Vampire Warrior game (I think that's what it's called)

9th December 2008, 12:04
Yes, I'm really enjoying BotB. It's quite addictive because as you progress more and more musical instruments (better guitars, amps, brum kits etc) become available to spend your money on. Plus you can compete against your friends to try and get higher up the rankings. Also you unlock better locations to play gigs and shows to earn more money as you go too.

If you join BotB let me know so I can invite you. The more people you have invited into your Tour the more power you have when battling other bands.