View Full Version : Preffered Amiga model JUST FOR GAMING......

8th December 2008, 14:41
If you could only ever have one AMIGA just for games and nothing else which would it be? Now I assume the best choice would be an A1200 but I would like more opinions............

8th December 2008, 15:00
A A1200 with at least a Blizzard 1230 and 16MB RAM with HDD and CDROM.

8th December 2008, 15:29
For me it's either gonna be the A500+ or the A1200 with accellerator.
Being as my first (and only) Amiga was an A500+ whilst I was growing up, I completely missed out on all the AGA titles, but to be honest, I have less interest in them than I do the stuff I used to play on my A500+ when I was 11/12 years old.
However, an A1200 with accellerator, RAM and internal HDD with WHDLoad installed would be an ideal system, especially if I could write a menu system for it.

8th December 2008, 16:46
Definitely the A1200. And as already stated, with the following specs:

A1200 with KS3.1 roms
Blizzard 1230MK-IV with 16MB+ Ram
HD and CD-Rom drive
WHDload + KGWHD packs

With this setup you can play pretty much all Amiga games ever released as WHDLoad gives the A1200 compatibility with older A500 Amiga games that the A1200 cannot run as standard. And with all the games installed to the HD it is a self contained setup with all games ready and waiting to be played. Plus the CD-Rom drive can be used to copy more games to the HD as and when newer WHDLoad installers are released.

This is the perfect setup currently for gaming and demo scene production playing.

For me the only reason to even consider a higher spec setup these days is if you are serious about wanting to try and use an Amiga as your main computer. Something which would require as fast an Amiga as you could build. But for gaming the above setup is perfect for all but the very late PC game ports with require 040/060 or PPC processors and graphics cards. But to be honest, those will always run better on a PC.

Stephen Coates
8th December 2008, 23:35
A500+ for me.

It is possible that some games may run better on an A500 but I have never used an A500 so wouldn't know.

9th December 2008, 00:18
Regarding the A500+. Were there actually any ECS only games that wouldn't run on a OCS A500 with 1MB ram? I don't think I ever came across any. Possibly one of the Sim games like Sim Earth, but I'm not sure. A KS1.3 A500 with a 512KB trap door expansion is definitely the best none AGA Amiga to own for gaming.

But as mentioned above, the A1200 for me due to WHDLoad opening up the ability to have every well known Amiga game preloaded onto the HD read to run within seconds. No hunting for a game floppy disk, then waiting ages for the game to boot, no disk swapping during a game... perfect Amiga gaming.

9th December 2008, 00:48
Very interesting replies guys, really appreciate the info/insight.......
I always found the A500+ interesting as it really did not have a presence here in Canada/US and the A600 though tiny seemed to be lacking............
Seems A1200 with WHDload is popular.

Since I only have a CD32 I WISH I could expand it but those add ons to turn into full system are rare and costly especially from my location..............

Stephen Coates
9th December 2008, 01:10
Well, the disk swapping issues can easily be fixed by adding extra drives. At least then you get to retain the noise of the disk drive motors, which you wouldn't if loading from an HD. That on it's own is a reason to use an Amiga for games.

Graham Humphrey
9th December 2008, 06:57
At least then you get to retain the noise of the disk drive motors, which you wouldn't if loading from an HD. That on it's own is a reason to use an Amiga for games.

It is? Drives me nuts sometimes :lol:

Anyway not all games recognise external drives (which is inexcusable really), and loading from HD is so much quicker, and never any swapping at all, I think it's something that if you ever used you'd never go back to floppies.

Demon Cleaner
9th December 2008, 09:54
A500 for me, with 1MB of course and an Action Replay 3 module, as I like and prefer the old school stuff, so it would be sufficient to just have a A500, like I also did back in time.

10th December 2008, 21:16
An A1200 with a Blizzard BPPC with the 68k processor being a 060 version.

That with WHD installed should play the maximum amount of games possible.