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Demon Cleaner
27th November 2008, 11:12
Anyone using this program? I tried it today and have entered all my PS3 and XBox360 games into a database. You can enter games by just typing the title and searching online, or just scan or enter the barcode. It's very useful, easy to add games and has a lot of information for the games.


If someone is interested, I can give you the link to d/l it (crack included), this is version 3.0 Pro.

Tomorrow I will add all my PS2 RPGs to a seperate database ;)

27th November 2008, 12:56
That looks really useful.

At the moment I just have a big excel spreadsheet where I maintain lists of my collection for each system, plus additional information about each game.

Does the program allow for custom fields to be added for each game entry? I like to keep information for things like number of discs, serial numbers, if a game is original or a backup copy.. etc.

Demon Cleaner
27th November 2008, 14:41
If you edit a game, you're able to add a whole bunch of information, more than you will ever need. Just try it out and let me know.

27th November 2008, 15:42
I will have a look and see if it fits my needs. Going by the screenshot alone it does look good. Cheers for the link. :)

27th November 2008, 21:41
Looks neat. And wow, you bought a lot of games over the past year!

Then again, in 2008 I got like 18 games too, on top of 48 Blu-ray discs. This hobby really is a big drain on the wallet :thumbs:

Demon Cleaner
28th November 2008, 07:08
If you take a closer look you can see that you can mark your games with different status' (a symbol before the game name). A green arrow means that you own the game, an question mark means that the game is wanted and an enveloppe means that the game is still on order.

28th November 2008, 07:10
I want to be able to mark games with a jolly roger! ;)

Demon Cleaner
28th November 2008, 07:32
What's a jolly roger?

I'm currently making my PS2 RPG list.

28th November 2008, 07:56

Those be Jolly Rogers!

Demon Cleaner
28th November 2008, 10:00
Oops, I almost finished entering the RPGs into the database when suddenly following message appears: Search failed: Trial edition expired. That's strange, the version comes with a crack?

EDIT: Well, I found something, and I guess I have now totally screwed up with this program. At the very bottom of the info file it says:


We have for awhile now made searching at Collectorz.com work and
not show illegal key, allowing game lookup work from that
source, while another groups crack didn't allow any searching
there at all. Now of course if you add over the 50+ normal limit
and request data well over that limit from that source, your
going to be red flagged and server will from then on most likely
block you.

User's account names are tied to your collection file, make a new
one and reimport (with this new version), if that doesn't make
sense then your sool and your on your own. This is the one and
only time we will mention this on how to get around the ban if
you were banned before for not using common sense. This again
should be quite obvious, but we will state it again clearly,
don't search over that limit in one large update to your
database! Example would be 50+ back to back searches. If you do
half of the normal limit (25 searches) and more at another time,
you'll be fine as we have patched the counter inside your
collection file. For people that refuse to listen, you have been
warned and this version of Collectorz.com Game Collector Pro now
ONLY uses Collectorz.com as it's source. Besides, if your using
this program to store that many games, its about time you paid
for it and made that purchase to support this great game database

Thats it! Enjoy.

28th November 2008, 14:25
That is annoying. Looks from that text that you have been banned for good from the search. :( So the program isn't really 100% cracked after all. It just resets the search counter after a set time period.

That could get tedious when wishing to enter over 1000 games!

Demon Cleaner
28th November 2008, 16:35
Yeah, that's a bit annoying. And as I didn't know, and of course I didn't read the info file, I'm screwed now. I thought a crack was a crack, and not a counter "reseter".

I have still 10 RPGs to enter in the database, but I can't anymore. Will do this at home then.

I tried installing previous versions of Game Collector, but I'm totally banned I guess, as I get the same message.

Perhaps if I try next week, the counter will be set to 0 again.

I also now have Movie and Music Collector, but if it has the same crack, it will take forever to create a database. Not tired them yet.

The program itself costs 50€, which is very expensive imo, otherwise I'd considered to buy it. That's for the PRO version, the normal version is only half the price, but I don't know yet what features will be missing?

Have to find a key, perhaps it will work that way around.

UPDATE: Just take a look at this (http://www.collectorz.com/game/features.php) site, there will see the features, and the ones the PRO version has more, which seem to be rather dispensable ones.

28th November 2008, 16:47
Yes, it looks like the only main additions the pro version adds are the ability to export to different file formats and to print. Things which will probably never be needed by most users.

31st August 2010, 17:14
Hi guys,

I have found just now "eXtreme Games Manager"...

Looks really nice...

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Ops, forget the link:


31st August 2010, 21:34
Thanks for the link Alex. Looks good from the screenshots.

Demon Cleaner
31st August 2010, 23:15
Looks really interesting, will give it a closer look this week. Thanks for the link.

2nd September 2010, 13:08
Mind you, I use Music Collector, works well for all my cds. I bought a scanner as well, I'm no entering 850 barcodes by hand!

2nd September 2010, 13:47
A barcode scanner? Does it work well with the software? Was it a reasonable price?

2nd September 2010, 15:47
You can use Barcode readers for almost all software, they simply function like a "keyboard simulator".

In eXtreme Games Manager you can use your barcode scanner to scan all UPC and then search it from internet...

4th September 2010, 01:26
Reasonable price, and works perfectly, no need to configure or anything. The database of barcodes is quite good, but it doesn't have everything. Highly recommended if you have lots of games/cds/books etc...